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Alfafa Hay

Alfafa Hay

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Alfalfa Hay has a thicker stem and lots of elliptical leaves compared to the long thin leaves found on grass hays. The leaves run all along the thick and pliable stock. While it’s commonly referred to as Alfalfa Hay, it’s actually a legume (beanstalk). Full of protein and nutrients, it’s perfect for growing guinea pigs 6 months and below.

Adult guinea pigs (7 months and above) can only eat a limited amount of Alfalfa due to the high levels of protein and calcium. Transition your 6 month old guinea pig off of Alfalfa Hay and onto a grass hay (such as Timothy or Orchard). In limited amounts, Alfalfa Hay still makes a great treat for adult herbivores.

It’s crucial that you transition your small pet to a grass hay as soon as they are old enough, otherwise they’ll end up facing major health issues such as obesity, digestion and urinary tract issues, along with an increase risk of bladder stones.

Hay should make up 80% of a herbivore's diet as it is a staple food filled with nutrition and fibre. The constant foraging and grazing encouraged by hay helps to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated. It also helps to wear down their teeth while the long strand fiber helps to keep their digestion regular and functioning properly.

Hay Origin: Northern California

All of our hay products are sent out in black ziplock bags to ensure freshness and prevent the hay from turning yellow under light. Always keep in a cool area.

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