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Modern Guinea

Modern Guinea Christmas Gift Set 2022

Modern Guinea Christmas Gift Set 2022

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Merry Christmas from Modern Guinea! This is our 2022 Christmas set that consists of festive treats specially curated for guinea pigs in mind. 

Please order the set before the 20th December, to ensure you receive it before the 24th/25th December 2022. No exchanges can be made due to the limited amount of items imported over. 

Thank you! We wish you a very very merry christmas 🎅🎄🎁

*Items shown may not be up to scale to their true size

This lovely Christmas Herb n Hay Cake, from the Rosewood Naturals range is made from 100% natural ingredients, and designed for all small animals.
With a 'cake' base of hay and herbs, this festive treat is topped with edible baubles sat on a bed of cornflower and lingonberries (also known as cowberries). Finally it is (very) lightly dusted with a few coconut bits.
Size: 11cm wide, 3.5cm high.

This 12 Days of Christmas Gift n Forage from Rosewood is the ultimate luxury Christmas box of treats and tasty hay for all small animals.
The hay coated tray includes six grain free mini trees and six grain-based heart cookies, all sat on a soft bed of meadow hay. As well as making it easy for you to offer a treat a day, the tray is also the perfect forage tray for refilling with lovely hay, forage and other treats over and again.
Size: tray measures 19.5 x 13cm (approx) and 6cm deep. 
Weight: 250g

The Hay Experts Berry Cookie Stars are hand-made using only natural, healthy ingredients and are designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and others.
These hand-baked Berry Cookie Stars are made with yummy strawberry, raspberry, beetroot, and mixed herbs.

Also available in Parsnip or Herb flavours - see separate listing.
Pack: 100g - approximately 15 cookie stars, each cookie around 4cm x 1.5cm (yum!
Feeding: Feed as a treat only. This Berry flavour is not recommended for Chinchillas (see Herb Cookie Stars as a more suitable alternative for them).

Rosewood Flower 'n' Forage Blossom
Beautiful 17cm diameter flower made from edible cellulose-fibre board and coated in meadow hay. Its seven cavatites are then filled with a mix of glorious edible and beneficial florals - cornflower, rose petals and calendula. Ideal for pets to forage and nibble on for hours. For all small animals.

More than just any chew stick these Hazel Chew Sticks by The Hay Experts combine the best of a natural chew with an extra tasty layer of yummy beetroot - irresistible for your little ones!

Each Hazel Wood stick has a 'frosting' of dried beetroot sprinkled all over it making it the perfect toy, nibble, chew and fun thing all in one!

Tempting for your rabbits and small animals the chewing will help keep their teeth in good condition and the all-natural hazel wood and beetroot promote their overall wellbeing.

Additional Information
Ingredients: Hazel Wood, Dried Beetroot 
Typical analysis: Beetroot - crude fibre 12.3%
    Size Guide:
    Pack size: 50g (sticks vary in diameter, length approx 2-3 inches)

    Rosewood Naturals Festive Fruit Tree for Small Animals
    Made from the crispiest, crunchiest parsley, and decorated with apple, coconut and moreish mountain bilberries, this hanging treat is a must-have on any piggy pawrent’s Christmas list.

    It’s a good-sized treat and will keep even the most peckish guinea pig busy for hours. But take note, it should only be served up as a treat, and we don’t recommend letting your pet devour the entire snack in one sitting.
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