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Modern Guinea

Noodle Mats

Noodle Mats

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50cm x 80cm.

Noodle mats can be used as bedding material for guinea pigs. 
The top layers mostly stay dry which is ideal for guinea pigs so 
that they do not sit in their own pee. 

The bottom can be lined with various absorbent materials such as:
- Bath towels 
- Pee Pads 
- Fleece 

The reason for an absorbent layer below would be for the pee to accumulate 
somewhere else that allows the top to remain dry instead of absorbing the
pool of pee. 

For those with a 2x3 cage, you can purchase 2-3 mats per wash.
For those with a 2x4 cage, you can purchase 3 mats per wash.
For those with a 2x5 cage, you can purchase 3-4 mats per wash. 

*Prices have increased due to the change in supplier.

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