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Pet's Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) Wipes

Pet's Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) Wipes

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Top-selling P.A.W.S is now available in wipes! P.A.W.S is a lifesaver for any furkids with common skin issues such as rashes, hot spots, bacterial and yeast infection.

For guinea pig usage, wipe wherever affected. Need to wipe pee or poop off butts, crust off eyes, dirts in ears? Gently wipe using swiping motions.

- Easy-to-use
- Multipurpose
- Chemical and alcohol free
- Gentle and safe on sensitive skin
- Eliminate bacteria, virus and odour
- Relieves skin irritation
- Suitable for pets of all ages
- Improved softness
- Medical grade sterilization

Ingredient: 100% Electrolyzed Water
Wipes Includes: 1 reusable container and 1 pack of P.A.W.S wipes (60 pieces)
Wipes Refill includes: 3 packs of P.A.W.S wipes (180 pieces)
Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight

Best before 3 months after opening

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